Mission statement

At Safety 3.0, we are committed to leveraging our expertise to provide the most comprehensive safety, compliance, and management solutions. We empower businesses to achieve their goals through tailored strategies, innovative technology, and effective training. Our clients benefit from our customer-first philosophy, commitment to excellence, and passion for making a difference.

Our team

Meet the Experts: Get to Know Safety 3.0’s Exceptional Engineering Consulting Team

Dr. Paolo Ricci

Founder and CEO

Dr. Ricci is a renowned expert in engineering consulting with over two decades of experience, holding a Ph.D. in Safety Engineering. He is passionate about innovation and safety in the workplace.

Dr. Giulia Rossi

Lead Consultant

Dr. Rossi is a highly skilled consultant with a background in food safety compliance and management systems development. She is dedicated to empowering businesses to achieve excellence in their operations.

Client Testimonials

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Safety 3.0 helped us develop a comprehensive management system that improved our business processes and increased efficiency. Their expertise in this area was evident from the start, and we continue to rely on their support.
Safety 3.0's expertise in food compliance was evident from our first consultation. They provided us with a clear roadmap to achieving compliance and helped us develop a plan that was tailored to our business.
We were impressed with Safety 3.0's approach to workplace safety, which included a focus on education and training rather than just compliance. Their team helped us develop a culture of safety that has had a positive impact on our business.
Safety 3.0 helped us develop a management system that has had a positive impact on our business. Their team of consultants was knowledgeable and responsive, and we continue to rely on their support.

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